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The Bowie Lab stands against racism

We support the Black Lives Matter movement. It is our duty to work to achieve a more just, fair, and equitable world in which black and brown people are safe from violence and discrimination. Science benefits from a diversity of scientists. Science requires thinking about problems from new perspectives and scientific progress comes from the collective action of a multitude of scientists approaching problems with different expertise, viewpoints, and backgrounds. We recognize that systemic racism has denied many people of color entry to higher education and has created formidable barriers to their success within the university environment. Our lab strongly believes that racism is unacceptable in our lab, at our university, and in our society at large. Our lab welcomes students of all races, ethnicities, and cultures. We strive for an inclusive and safe space where all people can learn about and practice science.


Welcome to the Bowie Lab. We study evolutionary biology, primarily of vertebrates, with an emphasis on species endemic to tropical biomes and Western North America. We combine field, museum, and genomic approaches to document and delineate biological diversity and to study the basis of animal diversity, evolution, and biogeography. In the course of our research, we apply phylogenetic, population genetic and genomic approaches, working with datasets overlaid with analyses of acoustic and trait variation, and species distribution models to examine spatial and temporal patterns of diversification. Our research is conceptually as well as geographically broad and addresses multiple fundamental questions in evolutionary biology.