Cynthia Wang-Claypool

Cynthia Wang-Claypool

PhD Candidate


  • 2014 Master’s of Science in Evolution, Ecology, and Systematics from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany
  • 2012 Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology, minor in Studio Art from Middlebury College, VT


Hawlitschek, O., Wang-Claypool, C.Y., Scherz, M.D., Montfort, L., Soumille, O., & Glaw, F. 2016. New size record of the snake genus Liophidium (Squamata, Lamprophiidae) by the island endemic L. mayottensis. Spixiana 39(2): 278-288.

Razafimahatratra, B., Wang, C., Mori, A., & Glaw, F. 2015. Potential envenomation by the aglyphous pseudoxyrhophiine snake Leioheterodon madagascariensis and description of its dentition. Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases 21: 47.

Eudeline, R., Wang, C.Y., & Scherz, M.D. 2015. Predation attempt of Rhombophryne laevipes by Compsophis albiventris. Herpetology Notes 8: 393–394.​

Kucharzewski, C., Raselimanana, A.P., Wang, C. & Glaw, F. 2014. A taxonomic mystery for more than 150 years: Identity, systematic position and Malagasy origin of the snake Elapotinus picteti Jan, 1862, and synonymy of Exallodontophis Cadle, 1999 (Serpentes: Lamprophiidae). Zootaxa 3852(2): 179–202.