Rosa Alicia Jiménez

Rosa Alicia Jiménez

PhD Candidate
Professor, Biology School, Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
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  • 2013 M.Sc. (Maestría en Ciencias), Biodiversity and Systematics. INECOL, Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.
  • 2011 B.S. (Licenciatura), Biology. Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

Research Interests

I am a Guatemalan Biologist interested in studying biogeographic patterns and processes shaping avian diversity in the tropics. My research objective is to link the historical and ecological factors explaining the intraspecific diversity and the geographic distribution of Central American birds. My dissertation focuses on avian species restricted to montane cloud forest habitats in Nuclear Central America, which I am studying using genetic, morphological, and spatial data. My aim is to contribute to biodiversity conservation in Guatemala and Central America by making proposals for maintaining and increasing landscape connectivity that can sustain evolutionary processes in the long-term.

After getting my PhD, I will return to Guatemala to continue teaching at the university and with that, improve education and research in my country. I am interested in promoting ornithological research in Guatemala, please contact me if you are interested in doing research there, I will be very happy to collaborate with you and provide you information you might require.


  • Jiménez, R.A. & Ornelas, J.F. (2016). Historical and current introgression in a Mesoamerican hummingbird species complex: a biogeographic perspective. PeerJ. Link.
  • Jiménez, R. A. (2011). Morphological and genetic diversity from Berylline (Amazilia beryllina) and Blue-tailed (Amazilia cyanura) Hummingbirds in Guatemala, hybridization or intraspecific variation? Bachelor Degree’s Thesis. Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. Link.